City Councillors

The political make-up of the Council is:

Conservatives 24
Liberal Democrats 20
Independent 1
Labour 0
  • Cabinet
    Cabinet June 2017
    Cabinet - Back L-R: Lisa Griffiths, Stephen Godfrey, Caroline Brook and Guy Ashton
    Front L-R: Steve Miller, Caroline Horrill, Rob Humby and Jan Warwick

    The Cabinet stands apart from the other committees, and is responsible for all operational decisions which would previously have been taken by service committees.

    The Cabinet will develop and propose to Council the Council Strategy, and will prepare proposals for the annual budget, which it will recommend to Council. The Cabinet will also keep under review the allocation of resources (finance, manpower and land) necessary to meet the Council's responsibilities.

  • Portfolio Holders
    • Cllr Caroline Horrill - Leader and Portfolio Holder for Housing Services: Housing Services; New Homes Delivery; and Corporate Communications
    • Cllr Rob Humby - Deputy Leader - Portfolio Holder for Business Partnerships: Business Partnerships; Economy & Arts; and Tourism
    • Cllr Guy Ashton - Portfolio Holder for Finance: Financial Services; and Revenues & Benefits
    • Cllr Caroline Brook - Portfolio Holder for Built Environment: Development Management; Strategic Planning; Historic Environment; and Building Control
    • Cllr Stephen Godfrey - Portfolio Holder for Professional Services: Organisational Development; Business Management; Legal & Democratic Services; and IMT
    • Cllr Lisa Griffiths - Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing: Health and Wellbeing; Community Safety & Neighbourhood Services; and Sports & Physical Activity
    • Cllr Steve Miller - Portfolio Holder for Estates: Estates; and Community Grants
    • Cllr Jan Warwick - Portfolio Holder for Environment: Environmental Health & Licensing; Environment Contract; Street Care; Landscape & Open Spaces; Traffic, Transport & Engineering; and Parking


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