Band Reductions - Valuation Office Appeal

If you feel that your property has been placed in the wrong band you have the right to appeal. Please ensure that you continue to pay your Council Tax whilst your appeal is being considered. If you do not make the correct payments then recovery action may be taken against you.

You need to contact the Listing Officer at the Valuation Office Agency for a form.
You can appeal if one or more of the following applies: -

  • Part of your property has been demolished or the property no longer exists
  • You have made changes to your home for a person with a disability
  • There have been material changes to the area in which you live that could affect the value of your property
  • The property has been converted into flats
  • If you stop or start using part of your property for a business
  • The property value has increased because the previous owner extended it
  • You think the property should no longer be liable to council tax

You can also appeal within the first six months if:

  • You became the new council tax payer of a property
  • The Listing Officer altered your band
  • The Valuation Tribunal or High Court made a decision relevant to your property, which has not been reflected in your valuation band
  • Are your property details wrong?

    If you feel that any other details about your property are wrong or missing, e.g. the description, band, effective date etc, then you should write to the Listings Officer giving them the correct details.

    If the Listing Officer: -

    • does not agree with your appeal
    • cannot agree a different decision with you
    • doesn't receive a written agreement from you

    After six months your appeal will be taken to the next stage at the Valuation Tribunal.

  • How to contact the Listing Officer (Valuation Office Agency)

    Click on: - the VOA ensures that the latest contact information is always available and up to date here.


    Write to:
    Council Tax West
    Valuation Office Agency
    Overline House, Central Station
    Blechynden Terrace, Southampton
    SO15 1GW

Telephone: 03000 501 501

Visit the Valuation Office Agency website at: