Violence with Injury and Domestic Abuse

Reducing violence with injury offences with a focus on the night time economy (NTE) and domestic violence is a priority for the partnership.

In 2008 the Partnership established a multi agency group with the aim of reducing violence with injury both as part of the night time economy and domestic violence. As part of the work of this group the partnership supports a number of local initiatives and campaigns and makes links to national groups and organisation's.

To find out more about the work of the partnership please refer to the links below and the annual delivery plan which is available as a downloadable document by following the link;

Change in Domestic Abuse Laws

Serious Crime Act 2015

The serious crime act has changed legislation to include those who subject spouses, partners and family members to psychological and emotional torment but stop short of violence. It explicitly criminalises patterns of coercive or controlling behaviour. Like stalking, this behaviour, when viewed in isolation, may appear unexceptional, but the cumulative impact on the victims' every-day life will be significant, causing the victim to feel fear, alarm or distress. 

In line with stalking legislation, and in recognition of the damage coercive and controlling behaviour can do to its victims, the new domestic abuse offence attracts a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment or a fine, or both. 

If you need to speak  to someone for more information or a referral please call the Integrated Domestic Abuse Service for Hampshire on 0330 0165 112.