Welcome to Winchester Student Information

Student Welcome Leaflet

Have you completed everything you need to when moving into your new home?

Included in the welcome leaflet are useful checklists and information to help make your life off campus easier. 


  • Do you have to pay council tax?
  • How to report problems and issues within your local community
  • Health and safety in your home
  • Buying a TV licence
  • Parking and permits
  • When are your bin collections?
  • Introducing yourself to and being good neighbours
  • Sports and social facilities

Plus an invaluable calendar for you to put up and ensure you remember all those important upcoming dates. 

Sue and the rest of the Community Safety and Neighbourhood Services Team along with volunteers from the University will be out and about during freshers week to deliver the leaflets and discuss any issues with you. If you can't find your leaflet use the link below for an online version.