Fly Tipping

2012 Fly Tip

Fly-tipping is the term given to the illegal dumping of waste.

It is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act (1990) to fly tip any material.

If you find some fly tipped waste, please be aware that some waste is dangerous - do not touch anything, including opening any black bags or containers.

It is important to remember that fly tippers are committing a crime and they do not want to be caught. Some fly tippers may become violent so do not approach them.

Winchester City Council is responsible for investigating reports of fly-tipping on public land, and arranging for its removal.

If the rubbish is dumped on private land, the landowner is responsible for removing it.

Winchester has a designated environmental enforcement officer dealing with the investigation and prevention of fly tipping across the whole of the Winchester district.

Following an investigation, the Council may be able to prosecute the person(s) who committed the fly tipping offence. If you reported the offence, we will be keen to use your evidence in court. It is important to note that even if you do not wish to be a witness, it is still important to report these crimes.

• Offenders can be fined up to £50,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment.

• Fines are unlimited if the case goes to the Crown Court.

• To report an incident of fly tipping please contact the Environment Team on 0300 300 0013 or report it here

• If the fly tipping is blocking the road please contact Hampshire County Council here

Are you unknowingly adding to the problem?

Are you having work done at home; a hedge trimmed, new windows, doors or driveway? To name just a few examples of fly tipping found in your area. If waste from your home is found to have been fly tipped and you do not have a receipt from a licensed waste carrier you could be liable to prosecution. Always try to use local, reputable companies. You can check to see if they are a registered waste carrier on the Environment Agency website

During the period January to April 2016 there were 25 reported incidents of fly tipping in the Winchester District. Of these; 1 warning letter has been sent, 19 cases closed due to lack of evidence and 5 active investigations. 

Please see the links below for articles relating to what Winchester City Council is doing to reduce the number of fly tipping incidents across the District.

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