Drug of concern 'Snapchat' found locally

Please be aware that this drug is in the UK and there has been a case of its use in the Totton area.

The Snapchat drug (no affiliation with the app) hit the streets of Darwin, Australia in 2014, each pill clearly stamped with the popular app’s signature ghost logo.
People who took a small amount of the synthetic concoction became aggressive and disoriented and were admitted to hospital.

What Do We Know About the Snapchat Drug?
• Snapchat pills reportedly come in two colours: pink and blue/green.
• Experts believe Snapchat pills are “pressed ecstasy tablets” made from a variety of notoriously dangerous ingredients.
• Even small doses of Snapchat can elicit major adverse reactions.
• No one knows what’s in the pills or how it will affect them.

If you, or someone you know needs support for drug or alcohol use, useful links can be found on the Hampshire County Council’s website by following this link.