The Baker Boys

Baker Boys

Name Paul Govey, Robin Coles and Paul Hill
Name of Business The Baker Boys
Background The Baker Boys are 2 1/2 years old. We started the business to produce baking that was simple and honest. There was a need to bake things the old fashioned way with top quality ingredients.
What inspires you? Remember sitting around your Grandma's kitchen table as she brought the fresh baked bread and cakes from the oven! We aim to recreate that nostalgia.
Your products

50 different products (currently) come out of our ovens, our best seller is goats cheese and roasted pear focaccia, the combination of fruit and cheese is awesome!

We are the current Hampshire Life Food Producer of the Year!

Why do you choose to trade at Winchester market?

Winchester High Street is probably the best market site in Southern England. We love tradition and history, the Romans named Winchester Venta Belgarum which means 'The Market of the Belgae' 2000 years on we still have a market.

Winchester High Street is a great place to visit and shop. We hope to enhance 'the Winchester experience' in some small way!