Supporting Families in the Winchester District

We are part of a significant five year programme which is being lead by Hampshire County Council. The aim is to turn around the lives of at least 5,560 Hampshire families with multiple, complex and persistent issues including unemployment, poor school attendance, involvement in crime and antisocial behaviour, problems with drugs and/or alcohol, physical or mental health problems, domestic violence or abuse, families at risk of homelessness or unmanaged debts, young children failing to thrive, and unhealthy weight or malnutrition concerns.

Supporting Families is a not a referral service, rather a new way of doing things. The programme’s long term aim is for Hampshire’s public sector agencies to work more effectively together in new ways, to make lasting positive changes to the lives of the families and communities across Hampshire.

The focus of the programme is to provide early help when a child or family needs support. Each family’s issues will be targeted as a whole, not just the children, or a single family member.

This support will help to:

  • Lower crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Improve employability.
  • Build self esteem and aspiration.
  • Increase family wellbeing.
  • Increase local prosperity.
  • Build stronger and safer communities.
  • Lower future public service costs.

Lead agencies and key workers are assigned to every family that signs up to the programme. This ensures that a dedicated point of contact is available and better co-ordinated to support the whole family. A single family plan is also developed. The plan set out clearly what the key worker or lead agencies commit their services to the family, as well as the family committing to them and the programme. The aim of the plan is to provide families with the knowledge and support to improve their future wellbeing and prospects.