Town Forum Small Grants

Deadline: Noon 7 November 2017 - Decisions by mid December 2017

This scheme aims to make small grants easily available to local voluntary and community groups serving the five unparished Wards of Winchester.  The grants are quick and easy to apply for, and we will offer you advice whenever you need it.

Town Forum Small Grants Scheme is specifically for organisations serving the five unparished Wards of Winchester and open to partnership funding with surrounding parishes (e.g. Badger Farm & Olivers Battery).  Your organisation needs to be a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, community group or a registered charity running activities or projects that benefit the residents of the unparished Wards of Winchester.

The grant is for one-off pieces of expenditure if on projects, equipment and other items which will help your organisation to do more, to reach more people, to provide better services or to try something different.  

When applying Organisations will need to demonstrate the community benefit for their project or activity.

Below are the local Ward Members, please contact the relevant one(s) for their support.  Please ensure that you provide your Ward Member with enough information about your project and Organisation in order for them to endorse your application.  Ward Member endorsement is a requirement of your grant application.

Unparished Ward Ward Member
St Barnabas

Anne Weir -  01962 884 854

Grant panel member - please contact Councillor Weir in the first instance:
Eileen Berry - 01962 886 416

Kelsie Learney - - 01962 886 367

St Bartholomew Dominic Hiscock -  01962 865 971
Rosemary Burns -  07493 610063

Grant panel member - please contact Councillors Hiscock & Burns in the first instance
Nicki Elks -   01962 853 277
St Luke Derek Green -  07846 829 317

Grant panel chairman - please contact Councillor Green in the first instance:
Jamie Scott -  07516 481 520
St Michael Fiona Mather -  01962 890 477
Guy Ashton -  01962 850 722

Grant panel member - please contact Councillors Mather & Ashton in the first instance:
Ian Tait -  01962 808 344
St Paul Liz Hutchison -   01962 870 082
Lucille Thompson -  01962 863 037
Martin Tod -  01962 710 244

Small Grants Application Closing Dates

Deadline for application: noon 7 November 2017

The Policies and Criteria for the Town Forum Small Grant programme in 2017/18 can be found below. Please note that you cannot apply for funding retrospectively. We are rarely able to fund applications in full because of the level of demand, but we do make payments as soon as the awards are confirmed so that you have cash in the bank to spend rather than claiming it back at  a later stage.

How to apply

We would encourage you to apply by using our online form. 

If you need any assistance with completing the application form or the scheme please contact Melissa Fletcher at (tel. 01962 848 492) for advice (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).