Wonky Fun!

If you have any pictures of Wonky and his friends, please send them to us and we'll display them on Wonky's very own Pinterest page which you can find here. You can also download a Wonky and Friends colouring book and activity sheet below and send us your finished pictures. Email your pictures to tourism@winchester.gov.uk and remember to check back to see when your Wonky selfie is posted!

If you have any stories you would like to share with us about Wonky and why he decided to come to Winchester, let us know by emailing tourism@winchester.gov.uk and we will read them all to Wonky. 

Wonky merchandise can be purchased exclusively from the Touist Information Centre, High Street, Winchester and includes pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners and notebooks.


Did you know…

  • Woodpeckers drum because they don’t have a song to let others know which is their chosen patch. Instead, they make themselves known by drumming on dead trees with their powerful bills. This is why they will also use other things than trees – like the statue of King Alfred!
  • Drumming has been recorded on many objects other than trees such as weather vanes and metal poles.
  • Both males and females drum.
  • They have shock-absorbent tissue between the base of their bills and their skulls to cushion the impact of the drumming.
  • A single male may drum as many as 600 times a day!
  • Drumming is usually heard in early January and continues until June.
  • They like coming to feeding stations and peanuts and suet are their favourite food.

 For even more information on woodpeckers, why not take a look at the following websites: