Where's Wonky Walks

Wonky the Woodpecker has made three new friends since he arrived in Winchester and he wants us all to meet them but he won't tell us their names! Instead,  cheeky Wonky has hidden clues all around the play areas of Winchester to help us find out what they are called.

To find out the names of Wonky's animal friends, do the Wonky Walks and discover the fantastic play areas of Winchester.

There are 3 routes to explore and completing each one will win you an exclusive Wonky prize!

Completing Route 1 in Stanmore and Weeke will tell you the name of Wonky’s fox friend.

Completing Route 2 in the City Centre will tell you the name of Wonky’s hedgehog friend.

Completing Route 3 in Highcliffe and Winnall will tell you the name of Wonky’s owl friend.

For every route you complete you become a Wonky winner!

1 route completed – win a Wonky badge!

2 routes completed – win a Wonky pencil case!

3 routes completed – win a Wonky water bottle!

Copies of the route maps can be downloaded from the link below or picked up from our Tourist Information Centre

You can also access the route maps on your iPhone by downloading the QuizTrail app and searching for Wonky routes 1, 2 & 3.

In order to win one of the Wonky prizes, follow the instructions on the route maps and once you receive your prize, send us a photo to let us know and you could be featured on Wonky's Pinterest page!