UPDATE: St Matthews Field Play Project

Work is underway at St Matthews Field to create an exciting new play space.

The trim trail has been in for a few weeks now and the pathway across the site has just been finished. The mounds and play features are currently being built. The areas for the basketball and snake swing are now ready and the kit is being installed. We hope that it will be completed by the end of next week.

There will also be a gate installed in the school fence to allow the children of Weeke Primary School direct access to the field. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to have access to this area and a brilliant way of making the most of this open space. The gate has been ordered and should be installed later in October.

The above pictures show the work that has been undertaken on the site so far and if you would like to see how the site will look once complete, please click on the attachment below.

Thank you to all those people who filled in questionnaires and attended consultation events as you can see your involvement has influenced the layout of the new park.