Abbotts Walk - Update


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We had hoped to bring you news of a start date for the new play area at Abbotts Walk this month. However, the bespoke play area that we designed and was agreed at the previous consultation in March requires specialist manufacture and installation.

It has taken longer than anticipated to finalise the details, which will be presented to Council Members at their next meeting in September.

This means we are planning to purchase the play equipment in September 2016. It will then take 8-10 weeks for the equipment to be delivered and we anticipate the build will commence in late November.

We recognise this is later than we hoped but we are committed to providing you with the bespoke scheme that this unique site deserves. In the meantime, if you have any questions at this time please contact Susan Lord by calling 01962 848 533 or emailing

Consultation Feedback

Thank you to all the local residents who attended the consultation event on the open space on 21st March. This was a really successful event with many local residents taking the opportunity to view the plans for the open space and provide their feedback.

The majority of feedback was very positive with local people keen to see the proposals implemented. There are a number of points which we would like to respond to individually and these have been addressed below:

Can we include a double seat at the bottom of the play area?

This is a great idea and will be incorporated into the design. As suggested, it will include one side for parents to watch their kids and another to take in the view.

Can an additional litter bin be provided in the play area?

Yes, we will include a bin in the play area.

Can we fence the play area to separate children and dogs?

Fencing the play area would have a significant impact on the quality and level of play provision which can be provided. The play area has been designed to fit into the landscape and flow with it and fencing it would significantly compromise the design. Fencing play areas is no longer seen as good practice as it prevents children exploring their environment and natural play options.

Instead, we propose to manage the area to ensure children and dogs can both use the area safely through site layout and design and promotion of responsible dog ownership. Dogs are naturally attracted to long grass and the meadow area will be more appealing to them.

Concerns about the drainage basin.

The drainage basin is controlled by the management company. We will be writing to them detailing all the feedback we have received and peoples suggestions for managing this feature. If you wish to contact the management company about this directly please do so.

If people come from other areas to visit the site, this could have an impact on parking.

This is a public open space which means that anyone can use it but this does not mean to the detriment of local residents. There is information about all play areas on our website and we will publicise the fact that there is no parking available at this site and signpost visitors to the public car park in Hillier Way. We will also promote walking or cycling to this site.

Can there be warning signs about the drainage basin?

This is an issue for the management company and all comments on this will be forwarded to them for consideration.

Can be picnic area be flattened for ball games?

Yes, we will move some earth to flatten this area and stone pick to make it more conducive for picnics and ball games.

Can the walking path be extended?

We can extend the area of regular grass cutting to make the path longer.

Can the area of grass at the top of the site be maintained as meadow to deter ball games near properties?

Yes, we can manage an area of grass as meadow and start the area of more regular grass cutting further from the properties.

A number of residents had issues that they wanted to raise with the management company but were unsure of their contact details. Please find below the address that we have been given for the management company:

Abbottswalk Mgt Co. Ltd. (Co. reg. 8173000)

Redrow House,

St David's Park,