Nominating a Community Facility

If you are thinking about submitting a nomination you will need to prepare the following information first:

1. Contact Details - name of organisation, key contact, address, etc.

2. Evidence of eligibility and local connection to the area.

3. A detailed description of the nominated land and/or building(s) and the proposed boundaries with accompanying photos. You will also need to include a plan of the site (recommended scale 1:1250 for larger sites and 1:500 for smaller sites) which clearly marks out the boundaries of your nomination in red outline. The boundaries do not have to correspond with ownership boundaries.

4. Reasons for why the Council should list the land as a community asset including:
a) How does the land and/or building(s) currently (or in the recent past) further the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community? Social interests include the consideration of culture, recreation and sport.
b) How will the land and/or building(s) continue to function as an important community asset in the future? (This is essential if the building or land you are nominating is no longer in community use).

5. Owner Information – name and address of all freeholders, leaseholders and any other lawful occupants.

Before submitting a nomination you can contact Steve Lincoln via 01962 848110 or email for informal advice. We also recommend contacting your local Councillor to gain their support - find your local Councillor here.

To submit a nomination please use our online form:
Asset of Community Value - Online Application

Alternatively you can download a paper copy below.