How does it all work?

What is considered to have Community Value?

Facilities up for nomination must meet this definition; 'the main use of the land and/or building furthers the social well-being or social interests of the local community presently, or in the recent past, and it is realistic to think that this can continue into the near future.'

Examples include; day care centres, schools, open spaces, theatres, youth centres, village pubs, civic halls, heritage sites, etc. The Winchester district already has several assets of community value successfully listed, these are detailed in the document at the bottom of the page.

Who can nominate a Community Asset?

  • a local voluntary or community group that is incorporated (this means it has a separate legal status from its members)
  • a local voluntary or community group that is not incorporated, but has at least 21 members who are locally registered to vote
  • a parish council
  • a neighbourhood forum
  • a charity
  • a community interest company

What are the steps to the process?

STEP ONE: Identify an asset e.g.. building or land

STEP TWO: Prepare your group bid

STEP THREE: Ask WCC to list the asset

STEP FOUR: WCC assess asset and decide if successful or not to go on the official listing of assets of local community value

STEP FIVE: If successful, you will be informed in the future if the asset comes up for sale

STEP SIX: Decide if you want to bid

STEP SEVEN: Prepare and submit your bid within six months

STEP EIGHT: The owner considers the community bid
(The owner does not have to sell the property to the community).

STEP NINE: If your bid is accepted you take over ownership

STEP TEN: WCC provides compensation to landlord if they have been adversely affected by this process