How we can help

There are a range of ways in which the Council, and other agencies, can support and help you to develop your Community Plan. These include:

  • General support and guidance through the process
  • Financial assistance to develop your Community Plan and grants to implement your projects
  • Provision of statistics and information on your area
  • Advice on designing questionnaires and surveys
  • Printing of surveys, questionnaires and finished plans (at a subsidised cost)
  • Assistance with a housing needs assessment
  • Finding and retaining volunteers

There are some key documents that we can supply you with and which form a package to support and guide you through the community planning process:

  1. ACRE Community Led Planning Toolkit
  2. AMT Town Action Planning Handbook
  3. Winchester Community Planning Guidance (available for download at the foot of the page)
  4. Winchester Community Planning Protocol (available for download at the foot of the page)

Other guidance is available that relates to specific issues. Click on the topic below for more details:



Community involvement

For more information, or to ask for help as detailed above, please contact our Community Planning Manager, Steve Lincoln, on 01962 848 110 or email