Cultural Strategy for Winchester

Cultural Strategy

Culture and creativity are significant contributors to the economic prosperity for the Winchester District. They enhance social well-being, improve the quality of the environment and encourage civic pride.

The objectives of the current cultural strategy are to establish Winchester as a vibrant centre for contemporary culture and creative enterprise alongside its reputation as a world-class heritage destination.

Winchester City Council’s role will be to:
• Lead
• Facilitate
• Invest

Culture and creativity are intimately bound up with Winchester’s economic success and future prosperity. The sector has the potential to:

• attract people of skill, talent and enterprise
A significant magnet for such people will be the vitality of cultural life in the area, particularly where that culture is diverse, contemporary, innovative, accessible, and where it reflects the world as it is today while respecting, without being in thrall to, the past.

• encourage graduate retention
With the number of students now graduating in Winchester and the wider sub-region this is a significant challenge. The area needs an integrated approach offering ladders of opportunity, training, networking and advice alongside business incubation and development.

• inspire new and innovative projects
Which will astound participants and visitors and promote Winchester as an exciting cultural centre.

sustain and develop Winchester’s visitor appeal
The continuing attractiveness of the district to visitors requires a greater diversity of offer, where the contemporary sits alongside and enhances the traditional, where quality of experience is a priority and the creative identity of the area is clearly communicated. While a big new attraction may be unrealistic in the current climate, a distinctive over-arching idea that makes the most of existing assets and talents is not.

• attract new investment to the district
Artists and arts organisations in all fields bring substantial funding from a wide range of public and private sources into the district, the majority of which is spent directly in the district; this return on local support demonstrates exceptional value for money.

• improve social well-being
Many cultural and creative organisations and individual practitioners provide opportunities for participation and engagement among people of all ages, offering a valuable bonding effect for new communities, skill development, volunteering opportunities, community pride and environmental improvement.

The full Cultural Strategy 2014 and the 2016 progress report can be downloaded below.