Opportunities with Property Services

Winchester City Council gained Cabinet Approval to adopt Constructionline in place of its own internal Preferred Supplier List in 2005. It is now PAS 91 compliant through its continuing use of Constructionline to streamline the pre-qualification process when procuring contracts for the Authority's ongoing maintenance and refurbishment of Housing Stock.

Should you wish to be considered for tender opportunities in this specific area of work you are encouraged to register with Constructionline. This will include the requirement for a health & safety assessment from an SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) scheme.

  • What is Constructionline?

    Constructionline is a UK government owned certification service for construction-related contractors, consultants and material suppliers, and has been developed to save the industry millions of pounds by cutting the amount of duplication in the pre-qualification process.

    By joining Constructionline you will have satisfied our basic pre-qualification requirements. This means you will only need to submit your Constructionline registration number and any project-specific details to pre-qualify for tender opportunities.

    PAS 91 is a standardised pre-qualification questionnaire which has been developed to reduce the need for suppliers to complete a variety of different pre-qualification questionnaires for different, and in some cases, the same clients.

    Developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI), the question set has been commissioned by Government and is a recommended common minimum standard for construction procurement.

    Updates to PAS 91 have been introduced in 2013 through consultation with professional bodies and trade associations such as the National Federation of Builders (NFB), Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), Specialist Engineering Contractors’ Group (SEC) and Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP).

    With all public sector buyers needing to pre-qualify construction suppliers; inefficient buying practices can amount to huge amounts of wasted time and money for buyers and suppliers alike.
    By delivering a standardised PQQ format, PAS 91 aims to:

    • Help suppliers understand what information is required from them at pre-qualification stage
    • Increase consistency between various pre-qualification questionnaires and databases
    • Help buyers identify suitably qualified contractors
  • What is SSIP?

    SSIP is an association of health & safety assessment schemes. They are supported by the HSE and accept that each other’s systems are of a good standard and in line with the CDM 2007 regulations. Through this “mutual recognition” SSIP are striving to remove the need for contractors and consultants to undergo multiple health and safety assessments. The aim is that you only need join the health and safety scheme of your choice to demonstrate you have satisfied health and safety requirements to “stage one” level. Please visit www.ssip.org.uk for further details.

    If you are not currently registered to an SSiP Scheme, you can also now apply for Acclaim at the same time as registering with Constructionline. To do this, at the point you reach the H&S questionnaire – please select the option of full Acclaim assessment. For more information please contact the dedicated Acclaim helpline on 01256 383 609 or email acclaim@capita.co.uk

  • What next?

    To join, please visit: www.constructionline.co.uk/signup
    If you would like to discuss becoming a member of Constructionline, understand more about SSIP, or require any assistance with your application please contact Darren Lane Constructionline Business Development Manager, darren.lane@capita.co.uk or Tel No 07833 483 019