Wheels to Work

Wheels to Work is a moped loan service which aims to help people who have difficulty accessing public transport to enable them to access employment opportunities or vocational training. It is operated by Community First New Forest on behalf of Winchester City Council, as part of a wider project led by Hampshire County Council.

  • Wheels to Work provides:
    • A fully taxed, insured and maintained 50cc or 125cc moped to enable people to access employment opportunities that you may otherwise be unable to accept due to lack of suitable local transport.
    • Mandatory Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) that is valid for two years, free of charge.
    • A helmet, gloves and hi viz jacket free of charge.

    The loan period can be up to a maximum of 12 months enabling people to save for and provide their own transport at the end of the loan. Local garages are used for local servicing and checks. 8 out of 10 hirers on average, have found employment, thanks to the W2W scheme.

    A deposit of four weeks hire is required, which is refundable at the end of the loan period, subject to the moped being returned in a satisfactory condition.

  • Weekly hire charge, payable by debit card:
    • £17 per week if you are under 21and on a 50cc bike
    • £19 per week if you are under 21 and on a 125cc bike
    • £17.50 per week if you are 21 and over and on a 50cc bike
    • £20 per week if you are 21 and over and on a 125cc bike

    All prices include VAT. The riders are responsible for supplying their own licence, the minimum requirement being a provisional motorbike licence.

    More information is available on the Hampshire County Council website, or its YouthTube section (links below) where you can also listen to one user, Robert, talk about how he benefitted from the scheme.