Grant for Apprentices

The photograph shows Cllr Robert Humby and Ellie Landscheit apprenticeship grant recipient.

The photograph shows Cllr Robert Humby and Ellie Landscheit apprenticeship grant recipient.

What is it?
The apprenticeship grant scheme is a one-off grant award of up to £1,000. It is for the sole benefit of the apprentice and is designed to remove any practical barriers which might prevent the apprentice from taking on their role. The grant is given in small sums every three months, in the form of specific items the apprentice needs, or vouchers to purchase those items, and is subject to certain criteria set out below. The grant can be applied for at any time during the financial year using a short application form.

Who can apply?
Applicant apprentices must prove that they live in the Winchester District, and be able to prove a need for the grant which will not be met by other means. Please note that once you have been awarded a grant from Winchester City Council you can not apply again in subsequent years. Any transport costs will be paid for a maximum of 12 months.

What are the timescales?
Applications can be made at any time during the year. They will be subject to an assessment and scoring mechanism, then allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The application will be acknowledged on receipt, and will be assessed within a three week period. If the application is successful, the applicant will be asked to provide further evidence, and a grant agreement will be drawn up and signed by both parties within one further week. Therefore, a grant could be available to a successful applicant within four weeks of the application.

What can the grant be spent on?
The application form should clearly state what the grant would be spent on, and why it is needed. This should be on items required to allow the apprentice to fulfil their role, which are not otherwise supplied by the employer or training provider. These are grouped into the following categories:
1. Transport costs to the workplace or training location (maximum £1,000 grant)
2. Appropriate clothes for the workplace (maximum £200 grant)
3. Essential equipment (eg tools, personal protective equipment (PPE)) (maximum £200 grant)
4. Anything else which is essential for undertaking the apprenticeship

This is not an exhaustive list, and it is not expected that apprentices would seek for the grant to pay for costs which their employer should legitimately be meeting. The grant can potentially be used for any cost for the apprentice of taking on their apprenticeship, which is not reasonably met by their wages, benefits, training provider, employer or other grants applied for. The Head of Economy and Arts at Winchester City Council will make the final decision over the eligibility of the application. It is extremely important that you do not spend prior to formal notification of grant approval.

Key criteria

  • The applicant must be an apprentice as described at or have the formal offer of an apprenticeship at the time of the application.
  • A completed, signed application form must be submitted, along with proof of residency within the Winchester District.
  • The application form should clearly set out what the grant will be used for, and why it is needed.
  • Supporting evidence such as a list of items provided (or not provided) by the employer or training provider, or other evidence as to why a grant is needed and the items cannot be funded elsewhere, should be submitted with the application form. This will be verified with the training provider.
  • Winchester City Council will monitor the success of the apprenticeship with any successful applicant at the three month review, or sooner if deemed necessary.
  • The grant recipient will be required to take part in general publicity regarding the scheme, such as photo calls, providing quotes for press releases and to assist in the evaluation of the scheme.
  • The grant may be split into several payments depending on the reasons given for the grant request.

Notes to applicants
Successful applicants will be required to sign a grant agreement, and will be subject to a three month review to ensure the grant has been spent in accordance with the application form and grant agreement. A successful applicant is responsible for their own tax liabilities as a result of receiving this grant. The grant may be given in specific items required, vouchers or travel tickets, and is unlikely to be given in cash form.

Winchester City Council has allocated funds to support apprenticeships in this financial year and this may not be available in future years. Applications will only be approved where there is sufficient budget to fund the grant.

This fund does not replace or compete with the Government’s incentive to employers or any other grant scheme.

More information about apprenticeships can be found at

Publication of information
Winchester City Council publishes a list of on our website ( of businesses to which we have awarded grants.

If you are considering an application please refer to the criteria document first. If you then have queries about the scheme please contact the Economy and Arts Team at for advice.

Case Study of an apprenticeship grant recipient

Ellie Landscheit, aged 19, who lives in Winchester city centre and is studying for a level 3 NVQ in Marketing at Fareham College, said:

"I have been a marketing apprentice for just over a year employed at Pure Home Technology. The main focus of my role is to manage the external marketing of the company to new and existing clients.

I also get involved in many other aspects of the business across project management, accounts, client demonstrations and I have even learnt how to program some of the systems used in home automation. I am really enjoying my apprenticeship at Pure Home Technology and in October when I finish my level 2 NVQ I will be going on to do a level 3 NVQ.

I am so pleased that I have been given this laptop by Winchester City Council as it is really going to help improve my work and college performance. I was very impressed with how easy and simple the application process was for the grant.”

For help and advice in using the new online application form please contact:

Economy and Arts Support Officers (Carol Hussey and Zoe Sipsma)
Tel: 01962 848 196 or 01962 848 303 Email: