Already earn money from work?

You must send us proof of the money you earn so we can work out your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction.

  • If you work for an Employer

    Please send us:

    • Your last 5 payslips, if you are paid weekly
    • Your last 3 payslips, if you are paid fortnightly
    • Your last 2 payslips, if you are paid monthly or 4-weekly
  • If you do not have any payslips

    Please ask your employer to complete a Certificate of Earnings. Please contact The Benefits Section for a Certificate of Earnings or download the form on this page.

  • If you have just started work

    Do not delay sending your form back. We will let you know what information we need.

  • If you are paying money into a pension scheme

    If you pay money into a pension scheme, you need to send us proof of the payments you make. If the pension scheme is not run by your employer, you will need to let us see the policy documents, and proof of the actual amount you are currently paying after any tax relief e.g. sight of the payments on your bank statements, or a letter from the pension provider.

  • If you cannot send the information now

    It will speed up your claim if you send proof of earnings and pension payments at the same time as you send the form.

    If you cannot get hold of this information straight away, just send the form with the documents you already have.

    If you don't, you may lose benefit - but you must send this information as soon as possible. We cannot work out your benefit without it.

  • Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) information from employers

    Employers are required to provide HMRC with earnings details immediately after each payment they make.  Real Time Information (RTI) is the system used by HMRC for collecting Pay As You Earn (PAYE) information from employers.  The Department for Work and Pensions match HMRC's data against our records and provide us with details of any discrepancies found.  However, you must not wait for HMRC to match records.  You must provide us with details of changes to your earned income, and any other changes to your circumstances, to avoid overpayments and to ensure that no further action is taken against you.