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February 2013 - Issue 32

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Winchester District Local Plan Part 1 – Joint Core Strategy is found ‘sound’

Winchester City Council’s Local Plan Part 1 has been found ‘sound’ by Planning Inspector Nigel Payne, who published his final report this week.  This concludes that Local Plan Part 1 reflects the changes to national planning law, policies and guidance that have taken place since the Plan was first published.

The Inspector supported the Council’s overall development strategy and approach to achieve sustainable communities across the Winchester District. He recognised that one of the key priorities is providing affordable housing and, acknowledging the nationwide priority for delivering new homes, has concluded that the Council should aim to see development consistent with the upper level of the range of houses communities had sought in the market towns and larger villages. He also said there was capacity for additional houses to be built in the proposed extension of the community at Whiteley.

The Inspector has drawn on local evidence, regional and national planning policy to conclude that Winchester should deliver 12,500 new homes across the District by 2031, adding 1000 dwellings to the requirement for the ‘Market Towns and Rural Area’ and 500 new homes at Whiteley to the figures the Council submitted. His recommendations are binding and will now be put to the City’s Cabinet and full Council to allow final adoption of the first part of Winchester’s new Local Plan.

Taking into account houses completed, planning permissions granted and strategic allocations at Barton Farm, North Whiteley and West of Waterlooville, the locations for much of the housing have been identified, leaving around 2,000 to find through Local Plan Part 2 which has recently started.

The Inspector also recommends increasing the requirement for employment land, including allocating part of the Bushfield Camp site in Winchester for this purpose.  The remainder of the Plan is supported, subject to minor changes, including key elements such as affordable housing provision, settlement gaps, sustainable construction and the retention of settlement boundaries pending Local Plan Part 2.

View the inspectors report and schedule of modifications.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Consultation on the preliminary draft charging schedule closed on 1 February 2013. Comments were received from 18 organisations and individuals and these can all be viewed on the Winchester City Council website.

These comments, together with the Council’s response, will be reported to the Council’s Cabinet on 13 March 2013, after which a Draft Charging Schedule will be published in April/May, prior to submission for examination later this year.

Local Plan Part 2

Following on the success of a ‘sound’ Local Plan Part 1, the Council is actively engaging with the communities across the Winchester District that have a housing target to deliver, to progress Part 2. Each community has a programme for any work it is doing and notes and templates have been created to assist this process. These can be viewed on the Winchester City Council website.

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