Swim4health is a great scheme that offers great value for money swimming at River Park Leisure Centre. 

£28 swim and Aqua class memberships (£20 if you are a current Weight Watchers meeting member) for 6 weeks unlimited swim & hydro jog classes.


Swim4Health discounted swimming lessons.


Hydro Jog

Hydro Jog simply let's you take your run to the pool, it allows you to have the workout of your normal run but with the added challenge of water resistance.  Unlike normal running hydro jog involves no impact, so it's fantastic if you're returning from injury or you just want to give your joins a break from your usual routine.

£3.70 for Saver Membership holders and exercise referral members.

Follow this link to River Parks' Swim4health page to find out more: http://www.placesforpeopleleisure.org/centres/river-park-leisure-centre/swim4health

For Further enquires please call 01962 848 722 or alternatively email: enquires@dcleisure.co.uk