Press Releases

Press releases that include the apprentices and/or their projects are listed below, from past to present.

"Apprentices recruit 'little apprentice'" 2015
"Apprentices donate to Winchester Basics Bank in time for Easter" 2015
"Apprentices raise funds for Winchester’s Basics Bank" 2015
"Competing to be crowned apprentice team of the year 2015" 2015
"Apprentices to ‘muck in’ at animal shelter" 2014
"City Council recruits new apprentices" 2014
"Apprentices sent packing" -2014 2014
"National Apprenticeship Week at the City Council" 2014
"Apprentices offer a helping hand to Trinity" 2014
"Welcome to Winchester's apprentices" 2013
"Council apprentices help rural community achieve goals" 2012
"Welcome to Winchester City Council's apprentices" 2012
"A step on the career ladder" 2012