Past and Present Projects

Basics bank

2016 - National Volunteering Week

For NVW in June 2016, the apprentices organised an event to promote volunteering among Council staff, who have 3 days available to them each year to take part in volunteering during work hours. Local charities and not-for-profit organisations were invited to come along to the Guildhall to promote their opportunities, and all left with names of Council staff they had spoken to and who were interested in helping out in some way. Planning the event took a lot of work, but it was a great success.

2016 - National Apprenticeship Week

The team was tasked with raising awareness of apprenticeships for NAW in March. They contacted local schools and colleges, and arranged to go in and hold lunchtime stalls, attend a careers fair or hold a presentation. 

2015 – One-day garden project

After being approached by a member of the council’s Supporting Families team, the apprentices spent one Friday in October clearing and tidying the overgrown garden of a gentleman with Parkinson’s disease. After a day of hard, but fun and satisfying, work, the garden was transformed into a tidy and safe environment.

2015 – Brathay Apprentice Challenge

The Brathay Apprentice Challenge, established in 2011 and supported by the National Apprenticeship Scheme, is the official search for the nation’s apprentice team of the year. It tests apprentices on their team-building, leadership, logistical and communications abilities.

Winchester City Council’s apprentices entered the Challenge in 2015, and tasks included raising awareness of apprenticeships (the team visited schools and colleges, created a Twitter account, and contributed to the Apprentice section on the council’s website) and community projects, such as organising a car boot sale to fundraise for Winchester Basics Bank.

Press release: Competing to be crowned apprentice team of the year
Update April 2015: Team Venta's Journey

2014 – Fundraising Race

The apprentices set themselves the challenge to raise as much money as they could for local charities within a given time frame. They formed into two teams; each chose a charity, and came up with fundraising ideas.

The first team chose to support St Francis Animal Welfare, an animal rescue shelter in Winchester. They organised an animal-themed dress-down day for Council staff, and spent a day away from the office to tackle a variety of jobs including cleaning and feeding animals, general maintenance and gardening work. They also took the time outside of their working hours, on Sunday 14 December, to assist in the running of the Christmas Fayre & Festive Dog Show.

Press release: Apprentices to 'muck in' at animal shelter

The second team chose to fundraise for the Winchester branch of The Alzheimer’s Society. They came up with the idea to have an A1 poster of the Winchester crest on each floor in the council offices. The challenge was to place the correct-coloured coins on the poster: pound coins on the gold, coppers on the red and silvers on the grey. The winner was the first floor to successfully fill the crest with the correct coins.

2014 – Fundraising for Winchester Young Carers

The apprentices spent Thursday 17 April, a busy day before the Easter weekend, packing bags for customers at Sainsbury’s in Badger Farm, Winchester. Thanks to generous shoppers, they managed to raise a total of £500.60, which helped towards their goal of covering the costs of installing a gazebo, in time for the summer, at the King Alfred Youth Centre in Winnall.

Press Release: Apprentices sent packing

2013 – Dress down day and bag packing for Trinity

The council’s 19 apprentices raised £1129.19 over the festive season, for homelessness charity Trinity. In December they spent a day greeting customers, packing and shopping for them at Tesco in Winnall. They also organised a Christmas dress-down day which involved council staff wearing festive jumpers, sparkly earrings and jazzy socks to bring festive cheer and extra donations to both Trinity and Naomi House.

Press Release: Apprentices offer a helping hand to Trinity

2013 – Clearing a village churchyard

The team of 10 apprentices were given suggestions by local residents and community groups for project opportunities. They chose to plan a one-day event to transform the overgrown grounds of a church in East Stratton, and applied for and received funding from the vInspired Cashpoint programme. The residents had been raising funds for years to improve their village amenities, and the project at the time was to restore the parish church and grounds.

On a sunny Saturday, the apprentices worked hard clearing boundaries and moving headstones long-buried in the overgrowth, leaving the churchyard clear for people to enjoy, and allowing the community to progress with the project – creating a wildflower meadow and updating local gravestone records.

Press Release: Council apprentices help rural community achieve goals

2012 – Collecting items for Winchester Basics Bank

Winchester Basics Bank provides emergency food and clothing to individuals and families in need. Local churches and 50 other community groups, such as the Salvation Army and social services, issue vouchers to people who they feel are in urgent need. These vouchers can then be taken to the Basics Bank and exchanged for food or clothing. Winchester City Council’s apprentice team chose to support the charity by arranging a collection internally at the council. Staff donated items of food and clothing, which were then given to the Basics Bank.